On July 29th 2017 at 5:00pm I had a Rhea of Light Launch Party at my house in Frisco Texas. And at 5:30pm CST my dream had come true! I had launched my business and made it official with a toast, ribbon cutting, and the website launch with some family and friends there for support.

Getting to press that launch button for my website to and cutting that ribbon for "customers" to shop the merchandise was a surreal moment for sure. I had been dreaming about this moment for well over 5 years and to be in that moment is something I will never forget. Since March 2017 when I started full time on this journey of building Rhea of Light, I have never had doubt that Rhea of Light wouldn't be successful....honestly I haven't! I know this is the path God wants me on, and it feels so good. But yet I was very nervous on the launch night, and I still am. And I think the nerves come from "the unknown". I am so excited for the path Rhea of Light is going to take, and I am anxious to learning more about how to help it succeed. 

But taking a moment to have a celebration for the launch was very meaningful to me. I will never for get that date, setting up the clothing racks, jewelry boxes, drinks, hors d'oeuvre's, and scanning out customers and getting to talk with them about the goodies they were buying.

Behind the scenes it took an army to get to this point. Although I am the only person "working" for Rhea of Light, I did not do this alone. I'm am forever eternally greatful for my mom who flew in from Ohio a week prior to the launch party to help with Alexa so I could get the last minute things done. And to my neighbor Jill who babysat Alexa and helped as a intern with Rhea of Light the month leading up to the launch. My momma friends in the neighborhood Melinda and Melissa who helped model the clothes. And my hubby Doug who provides for our family and helps to remind me to take a break and almost always help me find the answer to any issues I'm having, he truly is a jack of all trades.   

I meant what I said in my toast on the launch party Facebook live video. I hope that any one who wants to be a entrepreneur and start their own business, does find the courage to take the "leap of faith" and jump...because IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT, you just have to jump! 



Check out the live video from the launch party: LAUNCH PARTY LIVE VIDEO


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